Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden DISASTER! : (

So I have been MIA from the blog for a few days and I am afraid I come back with bad news. We were out of town for a few days and that was enough for the garden to fall apart. I should have known better. I had read about squash bugs and squash borers, but figured that the plants were strong enough to withstand anything. I was totally wrong! Bugs show no mercy. By the time we finally got around to checking on the garden- mostly everything was DEAD. We had to pull our beloved squash plants that had taken us so much work and so many days to grow. I was devastated. I still am. This sucks. : ( I know it is mostly our fault for being not being observant...I guess now we know for next year. I should have used stronger insecticides- guess the organic spray was not enough.

Pictures of the destruction and the stupid bugs that caused it all. 


Wondering how that sawdust from squash bugs borers looks like? It looks like this.

Bugs we found around the garden:

I didn't even know this kind of damage was possible. That black thing is an ugly slug! They ate half of this squash plant and carved out the rest of it.

I guess the only good news is that our tomato plants are still thriving.
Here is what we got from them : 65 tomatoes.

The cucumber is doing OK. But I wouldn't say it is doing well. The leaves are turning whitish and looks like mold or something is on them. But the cucumbers are starting to form.

The strawberries are also making a comeback but the harvest looks disappointing. My husband decided to throw some plastic over his strawberry plants to protect them from the birds and I think it worked, but he accidentally put some of the plastic over the cucumber plant and I think this is why they are suffering now because the ones that were not touched by the plastic seem to be doing well (see first pic).

My jalapeño plant is the one thing that seems to be thriving! I am so glad I planted it, otherwise this would be a pretty depressing post.I think I will try the first jalapeño this weekend.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Harvest Monday: Lots of Tomatoes, First Jalapeño

 We got a lot of tomatoes and a few zucchinis. The last zucchini was a little deformed because it got trapped between the stems, so I guess it grew as best as it could. The tomatoes taste really good - they are sun sugar tomatoes, in the pictures they look yellow but they are actually orange. Apparently, they won't turn red.

The garden is looking about the same as last Monday.

We don't have cucumbers yet, but the plants look good so far. The yellow cucumber flower is so pretty. 

I am so happy that the jalapeno plant is producing peppers. : ) I can't wait for them to get big.  I haven't relocated it to a new pot yet; I am not sure if I should.