Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harvest + Good News

I have good news to report. It seems like some of the squash zucchini plants made it through the squash borer's infestation! The plants seem to be thriving again. : ) Thanks for all the tips. Although, the squash it is producing shrivels up and dies while it is still tiny. I think this might be because it has been way too hot lately! You can see in the background that the tomato plants are struggling with the heat too.

I think I am going to say that the cucumber plants are a bust! No cucumbers has been produced so far, well not any edible ones. The few that grew went from green to yellow and then fell off. I was waiting for them to get bigger... maybe I was supposed to pick them when they were green.. I don't know, they didn't look fully formed to me! I will browse around for pics of what a cucumber is supposed to look like.

The tomato plants are still producing plenty of tomatoes! We picked over 50 one day! And they taste good too. I think next year, we will plant more tomato plants.

I will add a pic of my jalapeño plant later but as you can see, it is producing peppers!!
That's about it for now.