Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress Summary

April 10: We added a support system for the plants. Basically, we just inserted a few garden sticks to keep thing growing in place. We also ran strings from one stick to another to support the leaves. 
April 4: We are surprised at the fast growth of the squash plants! The cucumber plants are still tiny. We have relocated the plants that were in danger. At first, we thought they were dying because their leaves turned yellow. But a few days later, the yellow leaves died and new ones grew out, so we knew they had survived!

March 28: You can see that one squash plant ended up next to the strawberry plant. We are going to have to relocate it. Also the rain carved its own path through the garden so we will need to move on of the cucumber plants that almost got washed away by the rain.
March 26: We had to add some ant traps as a quick fix for some pesky ants attacking the tiny squash plants. Hopefully, we can find a better solution since we have no idea if these ant traps are safe for the garden. We had a lot of rain and this displaced some of the seeds.

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